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“Mother Rocking Her Child”-New Painting

This is a sneak preview of the finished painting of the healing antidote for the “In the Interest of National Security”. This one is “Mother Rocking Her Child” by Marilyn.

"Mother Rocking Her Child" oil painting 20" x 24" by Marilyn Wells

“Mother Rocking Her Child” oil painting 20″ x 24″ by Marilyn Wells

The above painting is my antidote for the angst I felt over the situation of children still being separated from their parents at the border. Reaching inside myself to find a healing moment from my own experience, I came up with “Mother Rocking Her Child”. The painting is myself in the arms of my Mother. This was a rare moment and perhaps for the last time in my childhood.

You will recall the first part of this painting series from my previous blog, “In the Interest of National Security”.

"In the Interest of National Security" oil by Marilyn Wells 30" x 40"

“In the Interest of National Security” oil by Marilyn Wells 30″ x 40″

Refer to my previous blog for more of that conversation.

The latest painting, “Mother Rocking Her Child” is a diversion from my earlier painting style. I tried a new wet-in-wet painting technique

Mother Rocking Her Child wet-in-wet under painting

Mother Rocking Her Child wet-in-wet under painting

which I share with you here. There is definitely a therapeutic aspect of this artwork. I have been able to process the emotion, bring a warm, wonderful image into my heart for healing, and yet recognize the horrendous national situation where children are still separated and detained in holding facilities away from the nurturing care that is elemental to later happiness and success in life.

Tell me how the painting makes you feel. Your comments are always helpful to me, even though I will be focusing on sumi e and black and white drawings for awhile to come now.


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