YOUR FOUR PILLARS OF INNER AND OUTER BEAUTY Your life is a work of art, or a garden, that you cultivate. It has a solid foundation with four corners of inner and outer beauty. You cultivate each of these four corners. As a wise elder, artist and teacher, I want to share some thoughts from […]

Concluding “Finding Your Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy,” Chapter Fourteen, Finis. “Wisdom Sophia” Detail of oil painting by Marilyn Wells This painting detail shows a warm-toned woman wearing a Slavic scarf, symbol of all peoples, and her Crown of Stars, sheltered by a white dove. Personal sign of Hope, Peace, and Joy for the […]

Sensory Synergy to uncover Signs to Hope, Peace, and Joy. With Crystals, Color, Flowers, Fragrances & More. “Consternation – Origins of Woman 6” by Marilyn Wells, 24″ x 36″ oil and cold wax on birchwood panel. Dear Reader, “Sensory Synergy” refers to the harmonious integration of various sensory elements. It combines visuals, scents, sounds, textures, […]

Tarot and Oracle Cards for Signs to Hope, Peace, and Joy – a well traveled path… Find Signs in Tarot and Oracle Cards in a playful way. Playfulness may be said to be next to Godliness. “East of the Sun, West of the Moon” oil painting 20″ x 24″ by Marilyn Wells, Sold. Prints Available. […]

Use Active Imagination to guide you. Where? To your signs to hope, peace and joy – A Primer on How To Do Active Imagination. Dear Reader, I will tell you some actual stories now to show you how to use active imagination to guide you to your signs to hope, peace and joy. My Sufi […]

Dream Signs for Decoding Symbols in Your Dreams for Deeper Meaning and Unlocking the Mysteries. Dear Reader, The paintings in this article were created by myself during the year of Covid Lockdown. Each has a very dream like quality, as do the quotes that are associated with two of them. Join me on a transformative […]

Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy. Embark on a transformative journey; find hope, peace, and joy through journaling and sketching. Furthermore, unlock insights, foster growth, cultivate a joyful life. “My Mother’s Diary, September 3, 1937”, and My Journals, by Marilyn Wells Dear Reader, In this collection of little stories, I’ll […]

You will Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy through Synchronicities and Coincidences. But first, you must pay attention and be aware of them. Otherwise, the Cosmos is talking and no one is listening. “Bouquet” by Marilyn Wells, 24″ x 36″ oil and cold wax on wood panel Dear Reader, In preparing this article, a […]

Find your signs through Nature – to guide you to hope, peace, and joy. Here’s how with more stories. “Blue Bayou” – watercolor by Marilyn Wells Dear Reader, Books are written about how to Find Your Signs through Nature to Hope, Peace, and Joy. The reason is because Nature is so richly showing us our […]

Find Your Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy through Birds who come to you. Birds are seen as signs from the Infinite All. As far back as prehistoric times, they are depicted, 10 to 12,000 years ago in Prehistoric Art. Dear Friends, Birds are depicted in Art of the Medieval era. What a symbol of […]

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