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Tarot and Oracle Cards – Signs to Hope

Tarot and Oracle Cards for Signs to Hope, Peace, and Joy – a well traveled path…

Find Signs in Tarot and Oracle Cards in a playful way. Playfulness may be said to be next to Godliness.

"East of the Sun, West of the Moon" by Marilyn Wells, 20" x 24" colorful oil painting, of a beautiful maiden with the Bear she comes to love in a magical setting. Reminds us of Oracle cards - signs of Hope.

“East of the Sun, West of the Moon” oil painting 20″ x 24″ by Marilyn Wells, Sold. Prints Available.

Dear Reader,

My painting above, “East of the Sun”, is an example of how illustrations may guide you to Signs for Hope, Peace and Joy. Study the images; recall your associations with the famous fairy tale. Why did this image come to you this day? Is there a message in it for you?

Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy

If you study Whole Brain Living with Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, first famous for her Ted’s talk on My Stroke of Insight, you will know that the right side of your brain contains 2 sources or ways of being. The lower right hemisphere is the playful personality, the one who uses the imagination, who loves to make a gorgeous mess, who loves, essentially, to experience everything joyful in this life, sometimes even unto hazard. 

In fact, all of these blog/articles on “Find your Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy,” are a part of playfulness, the imaginative, creative faculty that expands our joy in life. That satisfies our curiosities. That grows even when taking risks. By the way, it has been a heck of a lotta fun doing it.

Continuing with Dr. Jill, our upper right hemisphere brain is the blissful center of Hope, Peace and Joy. It is an evolved thinking ability toward which we are indeed all developing, along with Whole Brain Living. That is, once we have figured out how to incorporate the upper left hemisphere’s linear, sometimes overly organized, too logical, way of being. Mind you, our linear mind is the one who keeps our business running on time and on track for increased success in our lives.

Your lower left hemisphere brain is the shadowy, fearful, angry, anxious side of yourself that is there to serve you with cautions. Our problem with it is that we take everything it tells us to be not only our past, which it feeds on, and our present, often dis-regulated, state of mind; it also keeps casting future predictions of our life, if you allow it too much power.

How Whole Brain Living and These Blog Articles Work Together

(That’s a super-simplified summary of Whole Brain Living and is connected to what I’m giving as examples of to you and for your path to find the Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy in your life. Seek guidance from that playful and joyful right hemisphere of your very own brain, here on this earth right now. Plus, if you are quiet and listen, things will come to you that you could never have dreamed up with your linear mind alone.)

So, think of these blog articles as play, which they are. In addition to using your imagination, through these articles, allow them to help guide you to Find the Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy in your life. Like this one on Tarot and Oracle Cards – Signs to Hope.

Next, a few stories from my experience.

Moon Card from Colette Baron-Reid card deck "The Good Tarot", image of woman with stars against a large moon in beautiful blues and golds.A Tarot card as Sign to Hope.

Moon Card from Colette Baron-Reid card deck “The Good Tarot”

How Rene Found a Sign to Hope

First, a true story about Rene who did Find Signs to Hope through Tarot. This happened, short and sweet and to the point. It occurred as part of the entertainment of our meeting that was held this spring in our P.E.O. organization.

Until this time, Rene was never much one for watching for signs and symbols. However, she did see it as play the day three of us were together, four counting myself. I pulled either a Tarot card or an Oracle card for each person. Whichever struck their fancy. It was not a heavy, serious, multi-card Celtic Cross Reading.

Although skeptical and amused at first, not ever having had a card pulled for her before in her life, she recognized this day a sign had come for her.

At this juncture in her life, the time had come for Rene to downsize her living arrangements. Finally she made the big decision.  After much packing, sorting, and the great effort that comes from downsizing from a large and luxurious home of many years, she moved.

Fortunately, she did bring with her all her beloved paintings and art pieces, which have always brought her signs and messages from the beyond, always telling her that she is seen, is heard, and is Loved. Because of her art, she knew the power of images to hold these Signs.

 Moreover, the deck was an Angel Tarot deck by Radleigh Valentine, a skilled reader and designer of many positive decks filled with messages of Hope, Peace and Joy. What card did I pull for her?

What Rene Found in the Tarot Card for Her

After turning the card over, she saw it held an image of a mature, peaceful, smiling woman, seated in a comfortable chair. The surrounding scene was of rolling, verdant hills, and flowers blooming by the gate.  Exactly what she saw when this card was pulled for her was a sign that the Universe was telling her that she had truly come home to the new Townhouse she had just purchased and moved into.

(Rita’s card that day was the Nine of Earth, with a woman sitting in a garden, at ease with herself, with her world, and a cup of tea.) 

Then, she exclaimed, “Now I know this move is the right one for me. I can look ahead to years of contentment, luxury and independence in this new, lovely, smaller dwelling!”

Finally, her face was wreathed in smiles as she turned this new thought over in her mind. It had confirmed what she hoped but almost dared not think. The image related to that part of her brain of hope, peace and joy, and she knew it was right for her.

"Time for a Nap" card from colette Baron-Reid card deck, "Wisdom of the Oracle".

“Time for a Nap” card from Colette Baron-Reid card deck, “Wisdom of the Oracle”.

How Lucinda and Kay found Tarot and Oracle Cards – Signs for Hope

Next, you can find a longer, earlier article of mine, of a reading done with the 2nd person who was game to have her cards read, and had done readings before. She was comfortable with doing this as a playful activity, though she had not done it often. 

Finally, a nice endnote from that same meeting. One well-trained clinical psychologist, Kay, was with us. She does not use cards with her clients, nor dreams. She’s interested in the possibilities.  Although pulling cards isn’t her usual activity by a long shot, today she smiled and said, “Yes!” What card came up? “Time for a Nap.“

She exclaimed, “Isn’t that interesting? That is one thing I need very badly – to get some rest!”

And it truly was what she had been neglecting with her busy agenda. She vowed to change that.

We laughed and concluded what a good day of readings!

A Last Word. Are Tarot and Oracle Cards Spooky?

Tarot and Oracle Cards – Are They Spooky

Two of my favorite card deck designers and authors are Colette Baron-Reid and Radleigh Valentine. Their decks hold optimism and psychologically sound advice for living a life of hope, peace and joy.

From Radleigh Valentine:

“Let’s look at some of the myths that scare people away from tarot… Starting with the “scary” cards: Death. The Devil. The Hanged Man. These cards can make people a bit nervous. What does it mean when you pull them? Are you going to die? Is the devil coming for you? Is someone else after you? Here’s the thing about these “scary” cards (and all the cards in the deck)—they’re not meant to be taken literally. They symbolize common occurrences and energies in the human experience—like feeling tempted, being held in suspense, and suffering any kind of loss. The truth is, tarot cards originated as a bridge-like parlor game during the European Renaissance, and their imagery and text—including those “scary” cards—come from cultural traditions of the times, including the Catholic church. They shouldn’t scare you—and they definitely shouldn’t make you feel like tarot is incompatible with your religion…whatever that is. Interestingly, there are modern clergypeople who use tarot cards as tools in their personal lives and ministries! That’s because tarot cards can be used to help you reflect, heal, and get closer to the Divine—whether you call that Source, God, the Universe, or something else. So, there’s no need to worry—religious faith and tarot cards are not mutually exclusive.”  – on Radleigh’s email for his website class offerings 4-30-23.

How My Friend and Argentinian Zen Monk uses Tarot and Oracle Cards for Signs

Finally, simply said, I have a dear friend, Venezuelan Zen Monk, living in the state called Yaracuy. He pulls a card every morning. In addition to doing chants, meditation, and zen art to find signs to hope, peace and joy. On Instagram @ zen_art_time.

Furthermore, he aligns happily with crystals, most especially sugalite, to which he introduced me for healing purposes. I love the rare, purply-toned stone. This will be a main theme in my next Blog/Article coming soon.

Happy Trails to you, dear Reader. Try using Tarot and Oracle Cards for Signs for Guides to Hope, Peace, and Joy,


Tell me your stories. Write a brief note in the Comments below. I might be able to include it in my book, names changed of course. I love your stories of synchronicities, coincidences, prophetic dreams, card readings. And all the signs from Nature and Nurture that tell us of love from the universe.

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