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Find the Signs that Guide you to Hope…

Find the signs that guide you to Hope, Peace, and Joy. Here is another story – of a woman who found signs in a simple card reading…

Dear Reader, This is a story Lucinda told me about the Butterflies.

It happened when we were playing with some Oracle cards. Lucinda was not a person who ordinarily read cards or had them read for her. But this day was a little gathering of friends, and she was game to try.

She straight off pulled a card from an Angel deck that had a number 3 and many butterflies in the image.

We read the message and she said, “This really makes me think of two things. One, the number on the card is the date of my brother’s birthday. He’s been having some special issues, and I know I need to help him get through these things. This card reminds me of my care for my brother who has just come in in my life again.”

Then Lucinda had more to say, “This card is also about my Mother, and she’s been on my mind a lot. When she passed away, my siblings and I were in her house sorting out her things. It was a sad and heavy day for me. We were going through our Mother’s things, myself, my siblings – and I was weary. I wanted to take a break, so I went outdoors into her back yard garden and sat down in a seat under a tree.

Suddenly, a very large flock of butterflies came in a swarm. They landed together on the tree just behind me.  I saw they were Monarchs. (Monarchs are rare these days, and in flocks especially.) I watched as they folded their wings and for a long while they all looked like they were praying. I knew this was about my Mother and a message from or about her. 

Later, back in the house, I looked in a little New Testament Bible I had given my Mother. A bookmark fell out, and there was writing on it, my Mother’s handwriting, and an image of a butterfly. I know this card came to me today as a message of hope, that somewhere my Mother is still with me and I’m with her, in love and wonderment.”

Now, whenever she sees a butterfly, or often one will come to her, when she needs the comfort of her Mother. And that this card came to her totally by surprise on this day was a reminder of both of those very personal messages for her heart. (It was a Water, or Emotion, card even.) It was very comforting for her to find this card drawn for her today, a day when she needed to feel that same comfort that the Monarchs brought her before.

"Butterfly with Quote" by Marilyn Wells - Mourning cloak butterfly against pink phlox
Butterfly with Quote by Marilyn Wells – Prints Available

That was the story Lucinda told to me not so long ago about Butterflies on her card. And I saw hope and love and happiness shining in her eyes. I felt the truth of her hope myself.

I want you to tell me your stories. Write a brief note in the Comments below. I might be able to include it in my book, names changed of course. I am always interested in your stories of synchronicities, coincidences, prophetic dreams, card readings, and all the signs from Nature and Nurture that come to us telling us we are loved. 

These are signs that will lead you to Hope, Peace, and Joy. They are signs that the universe knows you, Beholds you; and when you notice these signs, you know you are Being Held.

And you can find them everyday if you are watching and listening for them. Everyday. Today.

Finally, a note about my paintings above. I don’t have many paintings of butterflies, just the one drawing above, so I’m sharing a little painting I did some time ago about “Mother and Daughter – News“. A perennial  story as old as time. What secrets are they sharing? What secrets did you share with your Mother?

Read my previous blog also to see where we started.

Start looking for your signs, write them down, write them to me. I’d love to read them.



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