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Journals, Sketchbooks: Find Signs to Hope

Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy. Embark on a transformative journey; find hope, peace, and joy through journaling and sketching. Furthermore, unlock insights, foster growth, cultivate a joyful life.

Diary of my Mother, September 3, 1937, with a wedding card and the original key, "Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy."

“My Mother’s Diary, September 3, 1937”, and My Journals, by Marilyn Wells

Dear Reader,
In this collection of little stories, I’ll share moments that I hope will inspire you on your Journey to Find Meaning with the Cosmos through the transformative tools of Signs, Journals, and Sketchbooks. Let’s recap what we’ve been creatively engaged in through this collection of blogs.

My Mother Used Journals to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy

Inheriting my mother’s cherished Five Year Diary, after her passing in 2003, was a profound and poignant moment. Holding the diary in my hands, I noticed the key still attached, preserving its secrets and memories. As I delved into its pages, one entry stood out with remarkable significance – September 3, 1937. With a sense of awe, I read my mother’s words describing an ordinary day transformed into an extraordinary milestone. She recounted going about her usual work, “usual work. Left here at 11. Got to Victor (Idaho) at 2:00. Were married at 3:30. Next day: usual work. Mopped floors, etc. Slept some. Worked some on quilt. Etc.”

Actually, these simple words encapsulated a beautiful tapestry of a life lived with steadfast dedication and love. In this diary, I discovered a precious connection to my mother’s past, a window into the remarkable journey that shaped her and, ultimately, shaped me. Furthermore, holding this tangible link to her world, I am reminded of the power of preserving our stories and the importance of honoring the ordinary moments that shape our lives, to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy


Earliest Journals and Sketchbooks of Marilyn Wells,  "Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy."

My Own Oldest Journals and Sketchbooks – dating back to High School – by Marilyn Wells

How I Use Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy

Additionally, these are a few of my journals and sketchbooks from over the years. I hope they inspire you to continue your own practice, to regard these books as your sacred journey, the story between yourself and the Infinite One.

In the picturesque Iowa town of my youth and high school, an extraordinary English class kindled my love for writing. Our spirited teacher introduced us to Samuel Beckett’s Journals, sparking introspection. Inspired, we embarked on journaling journeys, pouring our souls onto paper. That class shaped my lifelong sanctuary of self-reflection and creative expression. Through journaling, I discovered the power of capturing my essence in words. In retrospect, as an educated adult woman, I cherish this transformative experience and remain grateful for the classroom’s youthful curiosity and boundless imagination.

And I have not stopped to this very day, though I don’t do it every day, as I did for awhile. I’ve also incorporated sketchbooks along the way.

How do We Use Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy

Hope, peace, and joy are essential elements that enrich our lives and contribute to our overall well-being. All these enrich lives, fuel aspirations, provide tranquility, and bring moments of happiness, gratitude, and contentment.

Journals and Sketchbooks Together

In light of the complementary nature of journaling and sketching, a powerful fusion emerges that enhances the pursuit of hope, peace, and joy. Above all, by integrating these practices, a combined approach allows for multi-dimensional self-expression and reflection, where sketching serves as a visual journaling method and writing deepens introspection alongside sketches. This synergy between both art and writing enables a holistic exploration of emotions, aspirations, and personal growth, providing a harmonious path towards finding hope, cultivating peace, and experiencing abundant joy.

Detail of Great Blue Heron oil painting in blues and pinks by Marilyn Wells,  "Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy."

Detail of “Great Blue Heron”, oil painting, by Marilyn Wells

An Example of How to Use Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs

For example, you might notice an unusual bird flying closely, and it circles you in such a way that you begin to take notice – something seems to be calling you to pay special attention. How to use your journal or sketchbook?

In a serene moment, I witness a beautiful bird, symbolizing hope, peace, and joy. Open to uplifting signs, I sketch it in my journal, feeling grateful for the encounter. Furthermore, this sight reminds me of my strength and resilience. I affirm my deservingness of peace and joy, carrying it throughout the day. The journal entry and sketch remind me of nature’s impact on my well-being. All in all, embracing this moment, I anticipate more signs of hope, peace, and joy in my self-discovery journey.

Stack of Journals and Sketchbooks by Marilyn Wells,  "Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy."

“Stack of Journals and Sketchbooks of Marilyn Wells”

Let’s Look at Hope

Discovering signs of hope involves practices that inspire resilience and foster a positive mindset, fueling aspirations and empowering individuals to overcome challenges. Recognizing personal resilience and exploring affirmations and quotes inspires hope, nurturing a positive perspective.


Secondly, cultivating peace can be enhanced by meditation and mindfulness techniques. Reflecting on peaceful experiences and environments and identifying sources of stress contribute to a peaceful mindset. Creating a personal sanctuary through sketching and journaling provides a refuge for inner peace and serenity.


Thirdly, nurturing joy involves incorporating sketching and journaling practices that document moments of happiness and engage in creative exercises. Exploring hobbies and passions through these activities brings immense joy and fulfillment. Sharing joy with others through art and writing creates a ripple effect of positivity and inspiration.

Sketchbooks and Journals to Find Signs to Hope, Peace, and Joy, by Marilyn Wells,  "Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy."

“Sketchbooks and Journals to Find Signs to Hope, Peace, and Joy” by Marilyn Wells

Use Journals and Sketchbooks to Find Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy

In conclusion, hope, peace, and joy hold immense significance in our lives, serving as guiding forces for personal well-being and fulfillment. Altogether, journals and sketchbooks act as powerful tools for self-discovery, offering a means to explore and express our thoughts, emotions, and aspirations. Unlock insights, foster growth, cultivate a joyful life. May the pages of your journal and the strokes of your sketches lead you to a deeper connection with yourself, while embracing the abundant signs of hope, peace, and joy that surround you.

Let it again be remembered, these activities are those of the Feminine Divine nature. In honoring the arts of the Feminine Divine, whether they are embraced by man, woman, or regardless of our genetic origins, we recognize their transformative power and universal relevance. They are arts of openness, warmth, creativity, hope, peace, joy and love.

See my other Blogs to follow these Articles, soon to become a book. As I have said, send me your comments – I want to know where you are in your journey. Finally, thank you for being there and reading these.

Yours in Hope, Peace, and Joy,


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