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marilyn’s sumi e on tee shirts, travel mugs etc.

Let’s see what my sumi e on tee shirts would look like. Let’s be both purist and practical, I said to myself. Why not put my art on tee shirts? travel mugs and tote bags. I’ll use them myself!

sumi e abstract on white paper moon reflection on water

“The Dragon’s Jewells” by Marilyn Wells, 14″ x 18″, on mulberry paper $350 flat mounted

The dragon’s jewels are found

    in every wave.

Looking for the moon, it is

    Here, in this wave, in the next.

    -Dogen 1812S

from an image to useful items to show it off and to share…

I posted this image pre-professional photo…

And here’s what we look like

on one of many different styles of tee shirts on Society 6.

tee shirt $19.99

Dragon’s Jewells as a tee shirt – $19.99

This is the ever ready tote bag, of which I use many. Different sizes available, Society 6.

abstract sumi e on tote bag

Dragon’s Jewells as a Tote Bog $24.99 and up

They also keep putting really good markdowns on these. I’m getting ready for Christmas with my own designs! They look way more cool than I even guessed! Society 6.

abstract sumi e on travel mug

Sold on Society 6 –

Society6  pricing from $19.99 to $649.00

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