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Workshop and LUMC Art Festival Showing

Coming up: Workshop and LUMC Art Festival Showing – April and May, see Details below:

sumi oil painting by Marilyn Wells

“We Drink Life Water Together” – by Marilyn Wells –  Oil on birch panel 14” x 18” – $480

“Without reference to texts or traditions
We drink the life water together.”
-Rumi – Chinese and Greek Art 2202OC

This is part of a new series of Sacred Earth Feminine paintings, richly textured and deeply evocative of the Neolithic era which also inspire the work. First, when I create these works, I feel that my hand is touching the hands of an artist and the woman whose portrait was created 10,000 years ago, originally in clay. Finally, I feel a circle of humanity is complete, and I am blessedly a part of it.

Painting on Display – Littleton United Methodist Church Arts Festival April 23-24, 2022

Therefore, I invite you to come into her space and hear what is said from this time and place to yours now. This painting, as well as “The Light that’s Blazing Inside” (below) are on display at the Littleton United Methodist Church Arts Festival April 23-24, 2022.

Goddess Painting Sumi Oil on Canvas by Marilyn Wells

“The Light Blazing Inside, Goddess 4″ by Marilyn Wells oil on canvas, 20″ x 24” – $660.00

The body itself is a screen

To shield and partially reveal

The light that’s blazing

Inside your presence

  – Rumi – “Story Water” 2204OC

upcoming workshop – No Fear Watercolor Workshop and LUMC Art Festival Showing

NO FEAR WATERCOLOR 1 – May 7, 2022, Foothills Art Center

Unblock your creativity! Have you been having trouble opening up that box of watercolor paints and wondering what you should create? Are you wanting to learn how to paint but not sure where to start? No Fear Watercolor Class is the place for you! Join us for a journey into color, technique and expression. Dive into color, learn easy prompts that some artists use to spark creativity, and experiment with music to inspire your paintings. Simply follow the class and learn the basics step by step.  Together we will create beautiful artwork that you will enjoy and share with friends. A delightful and enjoyable class with a supportive community. It is amazing what you create!

Future classes build on this heart and soul experience of No Fear Watercolor.

See my previous blog with Watercolor Painting,



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