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Denver Urban Sketching – Bardo Coffee House

What better way to spend a Sunday morning than with my Denver Urban Sketching – Bardo Coffee House, a cozy, welcoming place to be.  Maybe one of the best yet! 6 people came. All keen into showing, sharing & sketching. Everyone started by sharing their packed sketchbooks, because mostly everyone sketches

My Bardo Sketch #1

My Sketch with Ink in Stillman & Birn sketchbook.

as much as they can. This is just one of their personal sketching events! Such a good sketching trip!

Warm, sunny, Colorado’s best weather. The Bardo Coffee House was packed with people, but still inviting, relaxing & cozy. I kept stealing chairs for the Denver Urban Sketching people & jamming more tables together. It’s in one of Denver’s historic buildings on old Broadway, now being known as SoBo. (Sounds so cool and trendy, but still same old Denverites – the best!)

Bardo Coffee Shop

Jason brought his 6th grade, full-fledged artist-to-be daughter, Helen. They both have joined us Denver Urban Sketching people before. Michelle, we’re sorry to learn, will soon fly away to other continents.

Bardo Sketching Group

Frank, Kathy, and Pat – everyone in fine sketching form with packed-full sketchbooks already in hand, we stayed over 2 hours enjoying each other’s company & good coffee.

Frank's sketch/Pat sketching

We always learn so much from each other. Tips on what’s new in materials & good classes on-line & local. Tiny watercolor tins and palm-size new sketch books. New pens.

Group Conclusion

Frank, Pat, Kathy, Michelle, Jason, and daughter Helen – Happy Sketchers!

And great inspiration from each other. This was just one story, of Denver Urban Sketching – Bardo Coffee House. You can join up—I host as Denver Urban Sketching on Meetups.😊 We’d all love to have new people and old ones and everyone!

My sketch in Stillman & Birn book using refillable fountain pen, black ink.

I’m still working on re-posting from my old blog platforms, but you can find our most previous Denver Urban Sketching Meetup at the Denver Botanic Gardens on my blog

  1. M says:

    I’m loving your new website! Well done!

  2. marilyn says:

    Well, thank you M! You’re always an inspiration to me! 🙂

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