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I find my Zen and Sufi insights gain me deeper understanding of my own Christian roots.

1844S lg "So Dammed Thirsty" 42" x 60" on acid free paper by Marilyn Wells

1844S lg “So Dammed Thirsty” 42″ x 60″ on acid free paper by Marilyn Wells


the fish needs to say,

“Something ain’t right about this camel ride

and I’m

feeling so damm


-“Damm Thirsty- Hafiz 1844S, 42” x 60”

Commentary on my Zen Painting “So Damm Thirsty”

This is when a fish, if it were a person, might have a turning. 

Rumi is a Sufi mystic. Many of his poems are like Zen koans. They stop you in your tracks and a void opens in your thinking mind, pregnant with possibility.

Following is a Christian perspective…

Jesus said to two followers, “What are you looking for?”

And the two answered to Jesus, “Where are you Staying?” because they were looking for his interiority, (where is your consciousness, where is your Being?) and it’s about the archetypal heart of where he is Being.

And He is With the Source, and he’s going to show them That. That’s where he’s staying.

He said “Come and See, Follow Me”. He showed them his Being-ness with the Source. The ultimate truth of From the Source, Ultimate Reality, Being with the Source, manifesting the Source.

They went and they saw; they had some experience of the Source.

He is leading them to Enlightenment. (Culminating in the Pentecost experience.) What Chuang Tzu calls “free and easy wandering”, embodying to the fullness that has no end, plunging into the flow of Tao, where there is no trail, a life that embodies the spirit, is totally natural, with a built-in orientation or purpose, whose actualization is entered into through loss of the exclusive self, resulting in a free and easy life of ineffable joy. Endlessly.

Also refer to my other blog posts both before and after my recent one-woman art show, Zen Painting, “Inviting the Mystic”.

Please share your comments; I love your insights! They inspire me.


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