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New Ways to Behold, Know You are Held, and Release the Chi Energy of That

Behold and Know You Are Held. How to do this. At this troubling time in our life journey, we are all seeking therapeutic and spiritual grounding. I begin to explore new ways of expressing or releasing the Chi (energy) you experience when you intentionally work with Beholding and the resulting knowledge of Being Held that emerges from that experience.

For me it is naturally through art making; however I want to invite you and let you know I have discovered amongst other people I work with that there are as many ways of expressing and sharing the experience, of releasing that Chi energy, as there are individual encounters with what you Behold.

Behold - Any Simple Thing - And Know You Are Held

Ordinary winter day, ordinary tree. Stop. Behold. Let it speak. Answer.

behold and know you are held. Listen. Answer. Respond. Share

Stop anywhere. Wait in Silence. Wait until what you are Beholding speaks to you. Listen. Answer.

How will you answer? You choose your way to answer. Sharing with another then helps as well.

When I did my pilot test of this way or knowing, with the Cancer Care group at LUMC, one woman’s answer – response- was to sing the notes of what came to her in her beautiful soprano voice for us. Her way of Answering. Her way of sharing. She knew what she had Beheld and she knew that she was being Held in this experience.

What I shared earlier in were moments of Beholding something Infinite in another’s poetry, like Rumi, or Mary Oliver, and my answer,  my painting, was a release of that Chi energy I felt in my body and soul.

I have always wanted to write Haiku, since more traditional poetry is too daunting for me to consider, and then illustrate what I have Beheld first, written on 2nd. But the writing could be just that expression alone.

A long time friend of mine, Catherine, shared with me, in response to my last blog, that ” Your words are especially meaningful to me this morning. I will continue to explore and reflect.”

We are all needing to find new ways to deal with our aloneness, our imposed quietude, which many have not and certainly would not have intentionally invited into their lives.

Do this first. Stop anywhere. See something. Anything. A stone, a cup, a tree, clouds above. Wait in Silence. Wait until what you are Beholding speaks to you. Listen. What comes to you? Is this like something you remember?  What is this like? Then – Answer. How will you answer? You decide. Sing. Write. Draw. Paint. Answer. Do something concrete and intentional as a marker.

Finally, the piece that completes the circle of Beholding, Knowing You are Held, Answering is Sharing. Can you share that experience now with us? Please do. Either below, or email me. I will share for you.

Peace and blessings. – Marilyn

  1. Kathleen Leverett says:

    Thank you, Marilyn.
    We needed to read your words, see your work this morning. The morning began with difficulty, but we feel an easing now.

    Kathleen and Tony Leverett

  2. marilyn wells says:

    Kathleen thank you so much for your kind words. I trust you and Tony are well and I’m glad you are feeling an easing now. Stay tuned to Foothills as we are hoping to put together some really fun virtual work with sumi e, and I know you have your brushes! 🙂

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