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Beholding – Knowing Your Are Held – Abstract Sumi e Paining

Beholding and Knowing I am Held in these troubled times is a way of finding Joy I have discovered after many years of art making and meditation. We’re looking for inspiration, for therapeutic fulfillment in these troubled times. Here is what I did today and what I teach in my workshops.

This follows up on my blog post from last week, were I am learning how to best communicate this process to you. First the image, which actually came last in the process.

demonstrating process of beholding and knowing you are held

“Grey March Day” abstract sumi e by Marilyn Wells. This painting is based on the haiku I wrote today after walking the empty park.

gray march day, reeds bend

birds and geese wild harmonies

cottonwoods silence

  -Marilyn – 2009S

You can also click on this link Cold March Day 2 to find in your Downloads a short video I made on the spot, one of several, that helped me hold the image in mind as the day went by and the process continued.

This process is a subject for a day long workshop on Beholding and Knowing you are Held; however, you can begin to imagine how you could modify it for the time you have right now in your life, which for many is more abundant than it was a month ago!

More information to follow in future blogs.

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