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Humbling Times – Troubled Times – Finding Hope in Art

How can you find hope through art and inner work in these troubled  times? Below and in future blogs, I share a path. This is how you too can do this.

writing my own haiku and painting it

Abstract sumi e with poem - With Sleek Geese - by Marilyn Wells

My first painting based on my haiku – “The Sleek Geese and I”

me and the sleek geese

make tracks through the slushy sleet

on a cold March day

  -By Marilyn Wells

my own experience the last 3 weeks

For me, it’s very humbling to experience a sense of loss of ego attachment from my recent art visibility and successful workshops.  So many of you affirmed my artistic endeavors and teaching. You are such a welcoming community of warm, lively, energetic persons!

Now – everything cancelled and put on hold! More on that below.*

Again I turn inward, back to God, and ask, like many of you, “What now, God? What can I do?”

Day by day I am more isolated. How can I share my painting, my teaching, my insights better – with all you who are affected by the worldwide suffering? I asked myself, am I even called to do that?

The answer came. A big Yes! Therefore, I want to tell you of the Joy I experience daily when I remember to Behold and know that I am Being Held – by the Infinite Sustainer, call it God or Allah or your best name. I will share, in future posts and videos, my deeper insights into Joy – both in Beholding and from the Imaginal Realm that guides and sustains us more and more clearly when we listen.

I’m inviting you in – so you can do it too!

how can you begin?

How do you begin? Go for a walk. Find something to Behold and listen for it to speak to you. I did that. I followed the tracks of the geese, my friends in the storm. Write a poem. I wrote a haiku. Listen to what is being said to you. Paint it. Do a meditation. After, wait to hear what comes to you. I did all those things. And I am richer for it.

Tomorrow I am going to do this all over again. To be present in one or more of these ways. And to paint it. And share it.

finding Joy through Beholding and Knowing I Am Held

I find Joy through Beholding and Knowing that I am Held. Come along with me – welcome to my neighborhood! Check out my earlier blog posts on the beginnings of these insights. Several of my blogs begin this process. I will devote more future blogs to sharing and showing these insights.

cancelled workshops and showings

*In addition to one workshop for Ikegana Sogetsu in Co Springs cancelled, another show scheduled to hang 7-8 paintings is in abeyance. At the same time, it’s thrilling being invited to show with the Art Student’s League Denver Summer Art Festival mid June – but who can say if that may be postponed too, even as long as a year? And will buyers be out, considering all the losses to the economy?  Even my upcoming August workshop at Foothills Art Center in Golden CO is a question mark for all of us.

But right here, right now, I will intentionally seek to Behold, and thereby know that I am Held! And I will intentionally practice Active Imagination for divinely inspired revelations day by day. More to share – stay tuned!




  1. Neil Shandro says:

    Dear Marilyn,
    I’ve found your painting ‘The Sleek Geese and I’ so very accomplished and a work of sheer beauty.
    It’s been a delight to view earlier this morning.
    Thanks for sharing it.
    Un abrazo muy fuerte,

  2. marilyn says:

    Dear Niilo, your comments are so enheartening and touching to read today. You are a joy in my life and have been for 50 years already! Thank you! – Marilyn

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