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Abstract Sumi e – Finding Heart and Soul

Abstract Sumi e – Find heart and soul and the infinite resource within. We need to spend some time together discovering and exploring the Essence of Spirit. It is here, now, every moment. No need to move from where you are.

abstract sumi e and workshop by Marilyn Wells

“My God You Surprise Me” by Marilyn Wells 14″ x 18″ on mulberry paper

My God
You surprise me
“being right in my middle…”
-unknown source – 1832S

Read, write, look – we can come into this presence together. Unfortunately, we will have to wait awhile yet. We are hoping to be able to create some videos for the library at the Foothills Art Center that you can access while we make our way through this pandemic.

Foothills Art Center Workshop – Abstract sumi e

Postponed from August (due to Covid uptick last few weeks)
But coming Soon at
Foothills Art Center in Golden, CO.
“Ink and Joy – Sumi e From the Heart”

I provide all materials and teach you how to use the sumi brushes in the abstract style I share here. I make use of haiku, poetry and koans, showing you how to “Behold and Know You are Held” – Loving in a Loving Universe.
It’s going to be a much needed time of sharing and working together.

We will find our way through these times to better times.
With the help or each other and of angels, we are moving upwards into greater unity and consciousness.

We are One People of One World in One God.
We are all in this together, co-arising together.

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The Inner Value

“We’re so engaged in doing things to achieve purposes of outer value that we forget the inner value, the rapture that is associated with being alive, is what it is all about.”
Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

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