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Love Song, the Divine and Abstract Sumi e

A love song and the divine in abstract sumi e. I almost didn’t show this painting today, as the subject matter might not seem to match the heaviness of the times, with covid, the political situation, the climate crises happening all over the world and all over America, from what my friends tell me, East coast to West coast.

Abstract Sumi e - illustrating a Love Song

“Let’s Fall in Love” by Marilyn Wells

14” x 18” abstract sumi e painting on mulberry by Marilyn, available, tripled mounted, ready for framing.

And yet, hardly a spiritually inspiring book I’ve read for the past many years is not written by a person WHILE they are in love. And that means with another live person, besides God/Allah, Jesus and the Holy Spirit or the Infinite All. The most powerful energy in the world is love and union with another person in faith and trust. I read it in Martin Buber, I-Thou; in Beatrice Bruteau; in Cynthia Bourgeault’s newest book, Eye of the Heart – A Spiritual Journey into the Imaginal Realm, to be released in September.

Blessed to attend Cynthia’s Imaginal Wisdom School virtually last week, I got a sneak-release copy of the book. Smack out of a zinging love relationship.  All the ingredients of Love,  Longing and Union with the Divine.

Long live Love, and a Real Relationship in live time, here on earth. Looking forward to it. 🙂

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