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Abstract Sumi e Prints Soon

Abstract sumi e prints, soon available at Marilyn Wells Art Studio online store. My opening, a long anticipated event, slowly coming together. Feels like just in time for the holidays, or so I hope…

abstract sumi e by Marilyn Wells with Saint Exupéry

“Forbidden World” by Marilyn Wells, 14″ x 18″ on mulberry paper, double mounted – $385

“…a premonition of an incursion into a forbidden world

whence it was going to be infinitely difficult to return…”

  – Antoine de Saint Exupéry “ Wind, Sand & Stars” p18 1854S

I have, like most of you, loved Antoine de Saint Exupéry for his famous classic The Little Prince. But when I read his book Wind, Sand & Stars, I loved him even more. He tells there of his days as a mail pilot between world wars out of France and across the Mediterranean. “Wind, Sand and Stars captures the grandeur, danger, and isolation of flight. Its exciting account of air adventure, combined with lyrical prose and the spirit of a philosopher, makes it one of the most popular works ever written about flying. “

The romance of the Antoine de Saint Exupéry biographical stories enchants me to this day. The painting grew out of that.

It helped that I learned to pilot our own Cessna 175 in Canada- got my pilot’s license back in the days of the wild west of Alberta. I cherish that memory always. 🙂

Still coming & news on Abstract sumi e prints soon by Marilyn

Still have my eyes open for Holiday issue where I am featured in their end piece with my sumi e!

Will keep you updated on the opening of my store, Marilyn Wells Art Studio, which will show up on Instagram and on my FB business page of the same name.

So, abstract sumi e prints, soon available at Marilyn Wells Art Studio, and check out my past blog posts, like this one from Mary Oliver.

  1. M says:

    It’s still so incredible to me that you were such a wild, smart and brave woman to become a pilot in the plains of Canada. Mama, you are an inspiration always.

    • marilyn wells says:

      Oh, thank you dear daughter of mine! It was a great place to learn to fly, and I can see in this moment that it was all for a particular destiny I opened to and for good reason!

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