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Friends – We Most Need in Troubled Times

Friends – we most need in troubled times.

Abstract sumi e - Friends

Friends Are What We Most Need – by Marilyn Wells 14″ x 18″ on mulberry paper $385

“friends make you look good,
feel supported,
and stay close to your heart.”
-Unknown 1862S

It is true that friends are what we most need in troubled times. I think that pretty much says it all. Through covid, division, injustice and angst this recent period in our lives, my friends have meant everything to me. I have never taken then for granted, but now have learned to appreciate them even more because we have been there for each other by phone, by zoom, by text and email, and sometimes even in person.

The sharing and caring we do is what makes our days. This is dedicated to those who have been close to me. Elaine, Linda, Austin, Pam. Neena and Margot. And others unnamed here but held in my heart, as I know I am in theirs. Thank You.

it is friends – we most need in troubled times

This is part of the Ruby Mine inside you. See my previous post on Marilyn Wells Art Journal. Because, you can find it inside yourself, the warmth, the caring, both for yourself and for your friends. And you can make new friends by being aware of it. You should be swinging a golden ax to find it. For myself, I keep doing just that.

Moreover, this has been a time of “Stepping Over Every Dark Thing”

Indeed, these times have held and are still holding covid, division, injustice and angst. By the laws of our faith, not logic, let us keep stepping over every dark thing! Friends help take us there!

The poem by Mary Oliver is about more than a single Egret!

In conclusion, almost everything I paint relates to the idea of Befriending and knowing you are Befriended. In short, this is our interconnection with each other, the world we live in, and the divine. This is simply a matter of fact – not particularly mystical! 🙂

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