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Sumi e “Suddenly” and Upcoming Workshop

Sumi e “Suddenly” and an upcoming workshop. This painting is a mystery – maybe all my abstract sumi e are. Everyone will see something different and every different view is equally valid.

abstract sumi e Suddenly based on a quote

“Suddenly” by Marilyn Wells, ink on mulberry paper, 14″ x 18″, $385.00, prints available.

“You Are
the stillness
of snow
I enter suddenly…”
-Unknown 1870S

I have always been mystified by this painting, and I love it. What is your feeling or interpretation about it?

Here’s what I do know.

upcoming workshop – almost sold out

“Ink and Joy”, June 19, 2021, 10:30-3:30, Foothills Art Center, Golden CO. “Ink and Joy” is now posted on their website Almost full-up. We will be a small, intimate group, so sign up soon as you can.

I paint my abstract sumi e from my heart and soul, not from my linear head way of being. And it’s a non dualistic vision of unity of us and the world, of us together as one people. This is what I understand and what I paint.

You too can experience the very real, felt body experience, when you intentionally engage in the practice of Beholding, of Knowing You Are Held, and then Expressing and Releasing the Ch’i, or Energy of that, back into the Infinite, into the Light. Private lessons available now. Email me. I’m also doing international Zoom Private Lessons, which is really fun, connecting with people around the world!

check me out on Instagram

Not all my paintings show up in my blog nor in my email.  More are posted in my Instagram account, marilyn_wells_sumi_e. Can someone please tell me from where are coming all the new subscribers to my emails? A really lot of them suddenly showing up! Maybe it’s from Instagram.

So much to paint and sculpt – I need about one more lifetime apparently. Come join me in class or in private lessons. Check my blog to see what you may have missed recently.


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