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New Sumi Sculpture and Workshop

New Sumi Sculpture to share with you and news on the recent Workshop, Ink and Joy, at Foothills Art Center.

Sumi Clay by Marilyn Wells - Happiness Is

Sumi Clay “Happiness Is” by Marilyn Wells – $550 – 6″ high

You can find a video of this on my Instagram.  You can see another of these in my recent blog post  where I write about “Sacred Feminine – Sumi Sculpture”. This is where I introduce my black, Neolithic inspired figures, small sculptures which I call Sumi, as they are black as ink.

Nothing is more pure than the ancient Neolithic figures that have been found and unearthed, housed now in museums, unsigned by forgotten artists. I find a heart connection with each artist whose work I am drawn to. I feel like we are touching hands across the centuries.

Life may not be a straight timeline. I am more inclined to believe God’s world is a circle, as the ancient Celts believed, according to John O’Donohue. I am closing the circle of time by coming back and joining hands with creators from these ancient, prehistoric times.

This little figure can hold a flower or a penny or a crystal as an altar offering. She makes me happy. Hope she does you as well. 🙂

recent workshop photos from Foothills Art Center

You can see a virtual video of me doing sumi e in Foothills Archives. But here are some of my happy Ink and Joy Workshop participants on June 19. Also see my Instagram account for more photos.

Marilyn Wells Sumi e Workshop Ink and Joy

Marilyn Wells Sumi e Workshop Ink and Joy

I will keep you updated when I offer another workshop. You too can experience the very real, felt body experience, when you intentionally engage in the practice of Beholding, of Knowing You Are Held, and then Expressing and Releasing the Ch’i or Energy of that back into the Infinite, into the Light. Private lessons available now. EM me.

  1. Elaine says:

    I like your ideas about time and our connectedness.

    • marilyn wells says:

      Thank you for your comment, Elaine! You speak from your heart and your deep wisdom, and I appreciate it. 🙂

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