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Sumi e painting in Oil – Raven

This sumi e painting in oil, “Raven”, is the beginning of a new series of explorations.

sumi e "Raven" oil on canvas, with the Void of the White clear spaces

“Raven” Sumi e by Marilyn Wells, oil on canvas, 36” x 18” $2500.00

“The real cohesion  of a sumi-e art piece is defined by void (white spaces). It constitutes the invisible ch’i that enhances its parts. Void, in our mind, is the freedom between thought and thought. Similarly a Zen mind holds itself together thanks to the freedom Void.  Our minds are Buddha-void Art pieces.”

This is a divergence from my usual sumi e on paper, but as my Zen Sensei Paul @zen_art_time  (on Instagram) gives me license, I shall refer to it as sumi e painting. Sensei Paul also contributes the above quote, which I am so happy to adopt.

I have done a series of oil color paintings beginning in the year of covid lockdown, 2020, felt I had concluded the works and was transformed by them. And what did I want to paint? Only the most wabi sabi plain subjects – rocks, bark and weeds. Here I felt a Raven was right also. Like Crows, Ravens are kinda like life. They’re strong more than cute or pretty. Raucous carnivores. Honest integrity of being. Wise and smart.

sumi e painting in oil before “Raven”

My sumi e paintings in oil began with this one “Ponderosa”

“Ponderosa” by Marilyn Wells, 14″ x 18″ sumi e oil on birch panel – $700.00

new workshop coming November 20, Foothills Art Center, Golden CO

Sumi e abstract painting will be the focus of a new day-long workshop I’m planning with Foothills Art Center, stay tuned for that. I provide all the materials for beginners, and advanced painters will find the meditative experience deepening and rewarding.

sumi e in my store

Prints and originals available, plus some of my Sacred Feminine figurative oil paintings, my endorsed art supplies, and Private Lessons are all offered in my Store. Come and wander around – I’m happy to work with you any way I can.

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