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“Pure Spring Water” by Marilyn Wells

“Pure Spring Water” by Marilyn Wells – Sumi e Original Unmounted Painting

"Pure Spring Water" - Marilyn Wells based on poem by Sengai. Ink on Paper

“The Pure Spring Water” Unmounted Original by Marilyn Wells, 14″ x 18″, $200

Abstract sumi e painting, Zen style, original, unmounted, with ink wash, wet and dry brushstrokes by Marilyn Wells was inspired by

Amidst the reeds (good and evil)


The pure spring water.

  -Sengai 2204S -1

I want to fan the spark of  your own inner light, to experience openness of heart and soul and being more fully alive when you encounter this painting. Have you ever been in a place like this? With the reeds and cattails, the streams or waters, when the reeds are ripe and topped with the rich brown heads. Sometimes the red-winged blackbirds rest here and there, singing their shrill calls.

Sengai, poet quoted here, was a very famous Japanese Zen poet 300 years ago. He is perhaps most famous for his “Universe” painting, a simple square, triangle and circle, one slightly overlapping the other. That painting is as good as a Koan for meditating on the subject. Try it and see.

I’m enjoying sometimes adding elements of nature in my paintings. See my previous blog on “Sound of Breezes”, painting now sold.

next sumi e workshop March 26, 2022

Also, these nature elements relate to my upcoming Workshop at Foothills Art Center in Golden, NEXT WORKSHOP: MARCH 26, 2022, 10:00 to 3:30. In this Sumi e class, I will introduce the use of simple elements from nature. After a review of brushstrokes and meditative warm-up, you will create abstract Sumi e paintings based on quotes from both ancient Asian poems and contemporary verse or music. FOOTHILLSARTCENTER.ORG FOR DETAILS.

“Pure Spring Water” – Marilyn Wells – Sumi e Original Unmounted Painting

This original is unmounted. Zen Masters actually prefer leaving the paper wrinkled and with rough edges, just as it leaves the hand of the artist, so I am offering these in my Store as well as the mounted paintings. No prints are available on these.

Also, note, being unmounted, I am able to offer it to you at a lower price.

These paintings are each unique art works. Imperfections are to be expected and are the hallmark of original art and the artist’s hand, true wabi sabi. Sizes of original mulberry paper painting may vary, each approximately 14” x 18”. Each comes with its own Certificate of Authentication, packaged in a clear sleeve.

I’m happy to send more photos and details upon request. No Prints available.

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