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Find Your Signs Through Your Visions and Images

You can find your signs through your Visions and Images that come to you. These can help guide you Home to Hope, Peace and Joy. For example, consider Visions and Images that come to you. That is to say, if you are observant and aware that these are coming to you. In this way, you will notice and reflect upon them.

"Angel", Detail of "Eve Leaving Eden" by Marilyn Wells after Paul Klee, oil painting by Marilyn Wells.
“Angel”, Detail of “Eve Leaving Eden” by Marilyn Wells

Dear Reader,

Some people have visions. They actually see things before they happen, or elsewhere, or when they are happening.

Here are some stories. 

Kyle Gray Had a Vision of His Grandmother That Lead Him to Hope, Peace, and Joy

Kyle Gray, well known visionary and designer/reader of Tarot Cards, talks about a vision he had of his Grandmother. He was very young, maybe 4, and he had not been told that his Grandmother had just passed away. He was lying in bed asleep, and suddenly was awakened. It was his Grandmother sitting at the foot of his bed.

She turned him over onto his tummy and tickled his back all over, all smiles and fun. He says he had never felt so much warmth and comfort in his life ever before. Next morning, he told his Mother that Granny had come to visit him the past night. Then she told him, “Oh, no, Son, that’s not possible. Granny has gone to Heaven.”

But to this day, he knows his Granny came to visit him just after her passing. This was the beginning of his journey to bring people closer to Spirit through his work with card readings and inter-active Angel Work.

Kenneth’s Visions That Lead Him to Hope, Peace, and Joy

My husband, Kenneth, had several visions. He was a very fast driver; any other less skilled driver would have been in a dangerous situation on a regular basis. One day, while living in Canada, and driving down a snowy, icy road between our little town and the big City, he suddenly saw an image of a car turned crossways the road and in a terrible collision, just ahead, because of the icy conditions. He slowed down, drove awhile more, and was able to stop his vehicle in good time when he came upon the actual scene some miles further down the road.

Another vision that Guided us all Home

Kenneth had a similar vision, which was a sad/happy one for all of us. We were coming back to the USA from Canada to make a new home here. We had the family cat, Tinkerbell, and our pet dog, Benji, who we had adopted one day when she came scratching, homeless and abandoned, at our door. She looked like the movie star “Benji”. Through a most tragic moment, as we stopped to rest alongside the road in a Park, Benji wandered off while we were distracted in the unfamiliar situation. Benji was run over by a truck. We were all distraught and crying, and once he took care of her remains in a proper fashion, we sat together in our truck/van, crying. Suddenly he said, “I’ve just seen Benji! She told me she’s gone ahead to find us a place to live!”

Sure enough, when we got to our destination, there was no place to live, as there was a housing boom going on. We finally managed to find a little apartment that would accept one cat but no dogs. A year later, we were walked into a fine little brick house. This became our home. I am still living in this home so many years later I can scarce count them, and he also has gone on to Heaven with Benji now.

I know he saw the truth; I know Benji found us this house to live in, and I am happy and content here even now.

Sleeping cat and red Amaryllis - Watercolor Painting by Marilyn Wells - 14" x 18"
“Amaryllis Cat” – Watercolor by Marilyn Wells – A cat like Tinkerbell

My Mother and Her Vision of the Angel

My Mother was not given to visions. But she told me, towards the end of her life, when her health was failing, “I saw an angel.”

I asked her what happened. She said, “The angel asked me if I was ready to go.”

“What did you tell the angel?” I asked, smiling.

“I told him, No.”

And my Mother lived many years longer.

All Artists are Given to Visions

You can find your signs through your Visions and Images that come to you.

Artists find signs that guide them Home, to Hope, Peace and Joy through Visions and Images that come to them. That is to say, if you are observant and aware that these are coming to you. In this way, you will notice and reflect upon them.

 "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" oil painting by Marilyn Wells in blues of the beautiful daughter and the Great Bear/Prince from the Fairy Tale.
“East of the Sun, West of the Moon”, Oil Painting by Marilyn Wells, 20″ x 24″. Sold. Prints Available

Visions come to all artists – and, if you look at them thoughtfully, you can tell what is in the mind of the artist who paints them. They will tell you exactly. The above painting came to me in a vision, even though the execution of it took many weeks. It is now in a private collection.

You will find your signs to guide you Home, to Hope, Peace and Joy

Lastly, what is your story? With this in mind, I’d love to hear it and share it to help others know there are messages every day. You want to begin looking for them. Finally, write a few brief lines about them, compose poetry if you have a few minutes for a haiku. Eventually, this is how you find the guidance and a deeper, richer fullness of life.

Find your signs in your Poetry

when hearts are open 

we touch the Infinite All

together in peace

-Marilyn Wells

(and another little haiku of mine – just to get you going – nothing fancy)

relax. be who you 

really are. no grey filters. 

every moment.

-Marilyn Wells

Find Your Signs Through The Divine Feminine

Although I have always worked with figures of Woman, I’ve had new revelations about how sorely needed are pointers to these Signs that Lead us to Hope, to Joy, and to Peace. Such work has historically been associated with the Feminine Arts. Even if they are manifesting from man today as well. The womanly nature, in whatever sex, is the nurturing, intuitive, loving, caring side of all of us.

 I’ll tell you about the role of the Divine Feminine, the Womanly Art of Reading Signs and more stories in these coming blog pages. Visit my previous blogs for more.

"Eve Leaving Eden 6" oil original by Marilyn Wells in oranges and reds, after Paul Klee
“Eve Leaving Eden 6” 18″ x 24″ by Marilyn Wells, oil original $630

Sending you Light to Find Your Signs,


  1. Linda says:

    Wonderful stories about visions. Beautifully written.

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