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Find Your Signs To Hope Through Birds

Find Your Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy through Birds who come to you.

Birds are seen as signs from the Infinite All. As far back as prehistoric times, they are depicted, 10 to 12,000 years ago in Prehistoric Art.

White Snowy Owl, detail of oil painting by Marilyn Wells of "St Bridgit - You are Loved", in which she is shown with the baby Jesus and her special animals.
White Snowy Oils – Detail of “St, Bridgit – You are Loved” original oil painting by Marilyn Wells

Dear Friends,

Birds are depicted in Art of the Medieval era. What a symbol of freedom from the hardships of those times – freedom in the Spirit and through to the Spirit.

In the traditional non-canonical gospels, Jesus baptism in the River Jordon is attended by a Dove.

And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the water: and, lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove, and lighting upon him.” 

Find Your Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy Through Birds who come to you. Image of St. Francis Preaching to the Birds, Louvre Museum, Paris, France

St. Francis preaching to the birds, from St. Francis Receiving the Stigmata, by Giotto di Bondone, c. 1295–1300. Louvre Museum, Paris, France. 

Find your signs  to Hope, Peace and Joy as intuitive Guru Judith Orloff has

“Spirt is hidden but can be discovered through portals: the heart is one, nature is another…”see” nature as shamans do: with your heart, not with your ego…Humbly appreciating the sanctity of the earth helps you see with your heart. In this way, when we seek guidance in nature, when we are willing to surrender to other forms of knowing, nature responds by giving us messages, something we all can intuitively receive when we are open. Judith Orloff, “The Power of Surrender” *

Find Your Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy Through Birds who come to you, in everyday life, like Christine.

Christine is a hard working physical therapist. She gives her all to any patient who comes to see her, long days and hard weeks.

She tells me that she understood the idea of finding Signs that give you hope, and told this story.

At noon hours when the weather is good, she drives some distance away from her office and the client table, during her lunch time, just to visit the Red Rocks Open Space in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. 

She watches the myriads of bluebirds that nest there and just is at peace with them, watching their antics and their freedom.

Then she feels refreshed and returns to her demanding work day, knowing that “the Lord is with her, and all things are good and in God’s hands.”

Many of us feel this way about the birds. They are, as ever, messengers from Heaven, spirit guides bringing us hope, peace, and joy. Writing books about Birds, Ted Andrews writes of both birds and other creatures, and speaks of the signs they bring you. The internet has many many stories of the meanings of birds.

Visions of Birds in Nature That Lead Me to Hope, Peace, and Joy

A powerful message arrived from a Golden Eagle, one fall day, when, mired in the usual problems of life, which today, 15 years later, I cannot recall, I saw a flutter on the fence next to my front window. Looking up just in time, I saw the Golden Eagle come light on my porch railing, looking in through the window at me with the most piercing and beautiful of golden-lighted eyes. His body was large and strong. There was no reason for him to be there, except to give me hope and a sign of Wonder.

 And I took it to be so. My IPhone was too slow. Another flutter of his wings; this magnificent bird, never to be seen here again, took off. I carry this sign with me ever since. It is a message that there are no adequate words to convey, but I knew it was for me, and this gave me comfort.

The important thing, when a bird draws your attention, and causes you to stop and pause, is to ask yourself – What is this bird coming to tell me?

Find Your Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy Through Birds who come to you – A Friend’s Visions of Bird Feathers

A friend who, when raising her little girl as a single Mom, thought about all the best options for her girl.

Three or four times when she was walking her daughter to Sunday School at the church nearby, she noticed bird feathers were in her path, here and there on the ground, going to the church.

After seeing those feathers, she felt it was a message from God telling her that bringing her daughter to this church was the right thing to do, and this increased her faith.

Though her daughter is happily married today, she’s still a member.

For her, this beautiful moment told her God was speaking to her, guiding her in this decision, that this church should be a part of her little girl’s life from then on.

The Native American and the Little Parakeet that Lead Him to Hope, Peace and Joy

In his CD on Native American Meditations by Native American Coyote, “Hear Me, My Creator and Guide Meditations”, he tells a story about how heartbroken he was when his father-in-law died, and how he could not shake his grief. At that time, the family parakeet flew about the house at times. As he sat grieving and in sorrow that day, the parakeet flew to a dish, picked up a grape in his beak, and then flew to the man, and put the grape in his mouth. The bird was trying to lighten the man’s burden. He said he learned a great lesson, “we do not need fellow humans to make us happy.’ 

Yes, he read the sign and found Hope, Peace and Joy and shared it later in these selections on this 2013 CD.

The man, overcome with the message he received, felt deep gratitude.

My Friend who Followed the Owl Feathers

I know a woman who noticed owls. Owls in the trees by her window, owls outside her office studio. They appeared so often that she began to study the meaning of owls and came to understand they are purveyors of awareness of your intuitive knowings and seeings. “Pay attention to what is happening before your very eyes.”

One day two owls appeared outside her workroom, raising such a ruckus that she had to pay them attention. She went outside to see them better, and instead found a trail of feathers leading her away from her work room.

Later she had a clear premonition that she might be betrayed in a serious upset in her business. She did nothing at that point; however, it was only a short while later that her business turned into grief. She knew then the owls had been trying to tell her to “walk away” while you can. “Walk away”. 

She hasn’t seen so many owls since the changes in her work; but she never forgot the message the owls were coming to bring her ahead of the act. Now she pays, more than ever, close attention when birds or signs of any kind come into her life.

Find Your Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy Through Birds who come to you. "Five Hawks" by Marilyn Wells, black and white abstract sumi e painting, Prints available.
“Five Hawks Slowly Circling” by Marilyn Wells available as Prints. Original – Sold

Find the Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy through Birds

Take a minute to stop and savor your experience. Hold it in your heart. Find a way to write – haiku is so satisfying, and it’s not like you want to publish it. It’s between you, the bird or nature, and the Infinite All.

Read my previous blog also to see where we started.

Find the Signs to Hope, Peace and Joy through Haiku

Start looking for your signs, write them down, write them to me. I’d love to read them.

in dark, clouded skies,

the light breaks through, blazing light…

all candles outdone

One More Way of the Haiku

the wind speaks to me,

he said, cheekbones high, nose proud. 

listen now, be still.

White Dove detail from "Wisdom Sophia", an original oil painting by Marilyn Wells, symbol of Peace and Love.
Detail from “Wisdom Sophia” by Marilyn Wells, original oil painting

These are all signs of the divine feminine

Although I always work with figures of Woman, I have new revelations about how sorely needed are pointers to these Signs that Lead us to Hope, to Joy, and to Peace. Such work is historically associated with the Feminine Arts. Even if they are manifesting from man today as well. The womanly nature, in whatever sex, is the nurturing, intuitive, loving, caring side of all of us.

 I’ll tell you about the role of the Divine Feminine, the Womanly Art of Reading Signs and more stories in these coming blog pages. Visit my previous blogs for more.

Sending you Light to Find Your Signs,


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