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Dream Imagery – Bring a Dream and Journal – Come to Workshop Dec 2

“Eastern Star” oil painting by Marilyn 60″ x 72″ – $3300.00

“Dream Imagery as Healing” on Saturday at 3 p.m., hosted by myself. Dream Imagery is part of a 2nd performance in our “Imagery of Healing” series at the ACAD show space. Wayne will be talking about his healing work with prison inmates, teaching them how to write and involve their poetic creations in their own healing. Bring a Dream and your Journal, as I will invite someone to work with me in a “How to work with your Dreams” short session. 

(This blog post is also a test, as I know the cover image has been coming out blurry, for which I apologize! I am working with my expert people in the background of my blog site and my subscription service and I am trusting we get that item ironed out very soon.)

Most of you know of my work as a Jungian and Dream Imagery Psychotherapist, which is how Wayne and I actually got to know one another in that special, sacred, relationship of therapist and client.

The above painting, “Eastern Star” will be at the show, and a larger image of it is available on in the Galleries.

“After Matisse” ink line drawing by Marilyn – show special $190.00

Is every image Dream Imagery after all? I’m enjoying drawing recently also after Matisse and Picasso, almost as a part of my sketching practice. I’m indulging soaking and basking in the essence of their spirits. Matisse I have loved always. Picasso is harder for me to love, as I think in his later years he had issues with the feminine which was reflected in his work.

More items in my previous blog: “Imagery of Healing”.

3 Performances – Appearances – “Imagery of Healing” Marilyn Wells & Wayne Gilbert: Aurora Arts and Culture Center. – ACAD Headquarters,

1400 Dallas, Aurora, CO 80010

Opening Reception – Friday, December 1, 2017, 6:30 p.m. Wayne reads at 7 p.m.

Saturday Dec 2, from 3-5 “Imagery of Healing Part I: Poetry, Painting and Dreams” – Marilyn and Wayne Gilbert. Wayne will be talking about his work teaching poetry in prison and Marilyn will talk about dream work through imagery.

Sunday Dec 3, from 4-6 “Imagery of Healing Part II: Life, Death and Music”- Marilyn, Wayne and Stacy Fahrion on keyboard. I’ll be talking about Symbolism in my Art, and Wayne and Stacy will do Jazz performance (macabre & hilarious) poetry with piano keyboard accompaniment.

I AM ALSO AVAILABLE BY APPOINTMENT ALL WEEK: 303 908 4668. (Walk in viewing not available.)



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