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Collector of Art – Art of Collecting

A number of budding Collectors of Art are in my life. My art show brought this to my attention, and the Collector of Art, I realized, is a rare bird.

"God Keeps Opening" sumi e on mulberry paper 14" x 18" for art collector

“God Keeps Opening” sumi e on mulberry paper 14″ x 18″

Naturally I had to go to Larry’s List, right, isn’t that how everyone learns what is right to collect? Well, not so much, as Larry has a particular agenda himself I note. But it’s worth a refresher course in the why’s and the what’s of collecting.

Who is the Collector of Art?

Not everyone can be an artist, but many more people dearly love art, are fascinated by images and by artists. The collector is that person. The artistry of the collector is to search for and collect images that speak to their heart.

Art begins in the heart and must be collected from the heart.

People collect what they love. They spend as much money as they possibly can to collect those cherished images, whether their wallets are modest and worn or thick new leather. They do not part easily with their adopted images. It is to give up a piece of themselves, their very soul.

The collector of art feels very personal and protective of their art. When they choose to share it with another, an outsider, it’s as if they are talking about a loved one. with affection and forgiveness.

Also, the collector is often quite shy in talking about their art, as it reveals where their true self, their very soul is sheltered. It’s like talking about their own inner psyche.

How to Own being an Art Collector

First, you can and should start right where you are, wherever your heart draws you. Start at any level; add to your own budding art collection right there with joy.What others collect should not intimidate you. The prices they pay should not intimidate you. Like an artist, you must find your own style, not copy or emulate others who are art collectors. Own your collection with pride, no matter the price, no matter if it is or is not an “investment”. Investments must be of the heart, not for monetary gain.

Second, “Artists are all about Lay-Away Plans!” That is a phrase that surprises people when I say it. I’m one who is happy to work with a collector in any way that will help them with their own artistry, the artistry of being an Art Collector.

This painting, “A Mermaid Dreams”  is going to an art collector friend of mine. This painting, I know, will be cherished for as long as this person is alive and will be a part of their family ever after.

"A Mermaid Dreams" oil painting by Marilyn for collector

“A Mermaid Dreams” oil painting by Marilyn

Finally, I hope I help you value your own artistry the Artistry of a Collector of Art, and even more in the future.


  1. Neil Shandro says:

    Dear Marilyn,
    I’ve meant to reply to this posting as soon as I had read it as it brought to mind two books which I feel you would enjoy reading. But then I got all wrapped up in ‘Old’ Christmas.
    The first is Ambroise Vollard’s, ‘Recollections of A Picture Dealer’.
    The second is Howard Green field’s, ‘The Devil and Dr. Barnes Portrait of an American Art Collector’

    i thoroughly enjoy getting your blogs and they do allow me to escape into thought and pursue my work in the studio.


  2. marilyn says:

    I wrote those down, Neil, and will see if I can find them. They must be lovely reading! Thanks for your comment!

  3. marilyn says:

    I just ordered them both! 🙂 Thanks!

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