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Women Painting Women

"Girl at Harbor" oil 8" x 10" by Marilyn - Sold

“Girl at Harbor” oil 8″ x 10″ by Marilyn – Sold

Women have been the primary subject of my paintings for the past several years. This painting, I’m happy to share, has also just sold from my recent art show. 

"Girl at Harbor", 8" x 10", as a table top display on little easel, by Marilyn

“Girl at Harbor”, 8″ x 10″, as a table top display on little easel, by Marilyn

Of Women, “Girl at Harbor” was amongst the first of six tiny oils I painted upon my return from a two week trip to Idhra, a little island off Greece. The island has no motor vehicle traffic, only donkey transport. I took my watercolor supplies and walked up and down the dock and the nearby hills, painting, enjoying the locals. I came home with everything I needed to start this, my current repertoire on the subject of Women, showing the divine in Women.

Women Painting Women in “Her Paris”

I was especially happy to see my topic, Women, specifically, Women painting Women, at “Her Paris”, the Denver Art Museum art show that is closing January 15.

"Women in Boat" by Mary Cassatt, "Her Paris" Denver Art Museum show

“Women in Boat” by Mary Cassatt, “Her Paris” Denver Art Museum show

The show focusing on Women was unimaginably beautiful of course, but especially meaningful to me because the topic is what I have been focusing on.

I will have to do further research to recall the name of this woman artist. I just wanted to share a tiny section of the show and especially in conjunction with my own paintings. More of course are available in my blog and on my website

"Child Nursing"

“Child Nursing” by Impressionist artist

Looking forward to my next painting – a Woman painting Women – painting the Divine.

  1. Catherine Woodward says:

    Wonderful topic Marilyn. Such a joy to be able to see these beautiful paintings on line. Thank you for sharing.

  2. marilyn says:

    I’m so pleased I can share them with you, Catherine! I’m painting as fast as I can and it’s never fast enough! 🙂

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