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Painting St. Bridget

St. Bridget is a hallowed and much beloved household figure in Ireland and Celtic lore. As my sketch indicates, I will paint her as one of my series of three tall Women.

Marilyn's Sketch of Bridget

“Sketch of Bridget” by Marilyn

My version of Bridget is a bit unusual as it flows from my own genre. Here Bridget is wearing overalls instead of the hallowed long robe.

A Few Historial Sketches of Bridget of the Legend

"St. Brdget's well sculpture near Kildare in Ireland"

“St. Brdget’s well sculpture near Kildare in Ireland”

Bridget is known to be a midwife; and according to legend, she was Jesus’ very own midwife. Here’s a well known Irish depiction of her journey to Jerusalem.

"Bridget guided by an angel to Jerusalem to midwife baby Jesus"

“Bridget guided by an angel to Jerusalem to midwife baby Jesus”

She is associated with animals, especially cows, sheep and protects them, keeps the home hearth fires burning, and a little story of the fox is associated with her.

"St. Bridget of the Mantle", see linked article

“St. Bridget of the Mantle”, see linked article

This is a more typical illustration of the fair maiden Bridget, dressed in white robe. Every tradition mixes Bridget with their own; hence mine wears the overalls in a farm scene, though I retain the oak tree that is also always associated with Bridget.

“The tender heart and the helping hand of good Saint Bridget are the keynote of all the wonders that have been woven around her name. We see her swift on all errands of mercy, eager to help the helpless, ready to aid all who were oppressed, and protecting all who were too weak to help themselves.” These attributes are the least of the legends of Bridget, and I do homage to these in my painting to be, Bridget, the “Pearl of Ireland.

Bridget relates to my earlier Wisdom Sophia post in  as well as my Mary Magdalene and is the last in this series.

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