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“Bridget, Beloved of Kildare”, Finished and Drying

"Bridget the Beloved of Kildare" oil 24" x 48" by Marilyn Wells

“Bridget the Beloved of Kildare” oil 24″ x 48″ by Marilyn Wells

You are looking at the finished painting of Bridget, the Beloved patron saint of Ireland and Kildare, in my studio. I had details of her in my last blog post and she is now finished.

My Work Process for Bridget

I always like my latest painting best, but this one I really felt just flowed smoothly from start to finish, aside from one little hitch. There was much discussion about whether the Mama Cow should be licking her Baby with her big, ole tongue, or just nudging the Baby Calf to stand up and get going.

Well, you see what the winner was. But you and I know she is going to lick that baby clean, and that establishes a bond between Mama and Baby. Which is the way it should be.

I spoke of the symbolisms also in an earlier blog post, the story of the little fox she saved for a king, how flowers spring up at her feet where ever she walks, how she birthed the Baby Jesus after a miraculous flight to Jerusalem. She is patron saint for Mothers everywhere and midwife to babies via her generous heart and love. All woodland creatures are associated with her.

I’m thinking on the next painting already, but first will be working on additional sumi-e abstract paintings, so I’m making progress!

This one needs trimming and professional photographing, then I will spray it with a final protective coat after it has rested for a good while.

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