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Botanic Gardens Jungle Room Sketching

“Kathy Sketching at the Gardens” sketch by Marilyn

Five of us met at the Denver Botanic Gardens with the intention of sketching the Jungle Rooms. We all pretty much got hung up on the Orchids. This is my sketch of Kathy, as she and I just sat up camp in the atrium and imbibed the ambiance.

How to have an amazing good time at the Botanic Gardens in Winter

We have been known to have larger crowds, but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a more relaxed and happy group than the one on Sunday.

“Our Sunday, Jungle Room, Denver Urban Sketching group”

That’s Helen, Kathy, Jason (Helen’s father) and Frank. Frank is a long-time member now whose ability keeps growing by leaps and bounds.

Our youngest member is Helen and I had my eyes on both her sketch and that delicious cupcake!

"Helen with sketch and cupcake!"

“Helen with sketch and cupcake!”

Jason is her Dad and he sends her to school every morning with a sketch in her lunch kit. How nice is that!

"Jason & his 2 mini sketches"

“Jason & his 2 mini sketches”

Jason prepares these little cards on cardstock which he gessoes. A sketch a day is his personal challenge.

"Kathy with her Sketch of Orchids"

“Kathy with her Sketch of Orchids”

This group were having a good time, no doubt about it. You can join us at Denver Urban Sketching. We try to go out once a month to different locations around the area.

"Two Women at Gardens over Coffee"

“Two Women at Gardens over Coffee sketch by Marilyn”

I’m especially enjoying the simple line sketches nowadays.

"Man in Beret at Gardens"

“Man in Beret at Gardens sketch by Marilyn”

More sketchers are shown periodically in my blog.  Tell me some more great places to go sketching as we March into Spring! Yea!


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