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Sketching Over Tea

My Denver Urban Sketching Group. Imagine a lazy, Sunday afternoon that just happens to be St. Patrick’s Day, and the hazy March sunshine is calling you out to be with friends. You find your sketching book, your favorite drawing pens, and that new little traveling set of watercolors

My Denver Urban Sketching Group at Capital Tea

My Denver Urban Sketching Group at Capital Tea

you couldn’t resist again at the Art Supply Store. Because, you can’t just buy them and not use them, right? So you get your hat and coat and you are on your way!

Rosie's Sketch at Capital Tea

Rosie’s Sketch at Capital Tea

Rosie grabbed everything at the last minute and came zooming in from as far away as Larkspur just in time. And she had this new little color and bleed pencil and did the little jar of flowers right on the table.

And even the guys showed up…

Our guys sketching at Capital Tea on St. Patrick's Day

Our guys sketching at Capital Tea on St. Patrick’s Day

Frank and Joe have each been sketching a good while now. Frank started with my group as a newbie just about 4 years ago and has been coming ever since. Joe showed up today after sketching for several years alone, but now he’s in with us!

The tea was great, the food was great, Shani at Capital Tea always makes us feel warm, welcome, and full. We squeezed in between other tables of people having High Tea because it was the special St. Patrick’s Day after all. Guinness in the soup if you please. You betcha we are having a good time! Because I’ve noticed the last year when we go to sketch together, it’s like family coming home. Everyone just settles in, sketches happily, and goes home satisfied!

My Sketch at Capital Tea

My Sketch at Capital Tea

I think I have to warm up the old watercolor tin myself, as my more stringent sketches of late felt lonesome without color today! It’s been awhile since I used color in sketching.

Family in Capital Tea sofa area

Family in Capital Tea sofa area

And I couldn’t resist asking the lovely family in the corner if I could take their picture. What a joy it was to watch them having this Sunday outing! The kids were well behaved and entertained with planned games. As you can see, their tea service was lovely. With the sun coming in through the window, they were a joy to behold!

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