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Abstract Watercolor with Literary Content

I share with you here a return to color through my new abstract watercolor painting with literary content. Color is my first language and is also a deep love of mine, even a visceral instinct. That is why I yearned to return to some color work as I further relaxed from my Zen black and white painting,…

1904W -My Work - Watercolor 12" x 16" by Marilyn Wells

1904W -My Work – Watercolor 12″ x 16″ by Marilyn Wells

1903W “My Work”

My work…which is mostly standing still

    and learning to be astonished.”

M. Oliver – Messenger

The above is my interpretation of Mary Oliver’s words. This is understood as the silence, the “gap” the Buddhists talk about, wherein we achieve enlightenment. In other words, this is the silence of “knowing” with heart and soul, not the thinking of the intellect or brain. I feel this way a good deal of the time!

1901W -Lord, see how well...Watercolor 12" x 16" by Marilyn Wells

1901W -Lord, see how well…Watercolor 12″ x 16″ by Marilyn Wells

1901W “Lord See How Well…”

When we pray to love God perfectly,

Surely we do not mean only.

(Lord, see how well I have done.)

M.Oliver – What I Said at Her Service

Here Mary Oliver speaks of her deep love for her life-partner of many years, Mollie, who died before Mary. Her grief is honored, not just surrendered, but experienced. Also, this is the way of true meditation. The above is an earlier new abstract watercolor painting with literary content— just this week also.

A sacrificed abstract watercolor painting …

This is a backwards peek for you at how these works began.

Early Landscape offered to the Cosmos - Marilyn Wells

Early Landscape offered to the Cosmos – Marilyn Wells

Tto share the original in this series, this one, as a burnt offering, I offered back to the Cosmos, for personal reasons of surrender and thanksgiving.

The above works represent a new series that continue to incorporate the literary content of poetry or prose in combination with my artwork. For these reasons, it is my intention that these complement the black and white sumi e as teaching, as a point of silence for you to enter into. Perhaps in the silent awareness that comes through heart and body when you drop all thinking, rationalizing, and dual conception of reality,  you may move deeper into your own enlightenment.

So, that is my wish for you. Tell me how you respond to any of these paintings! Your comments are always a delight for me to receive.

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