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A Few of My Favorite Things at Christmas Time

These are a few of my favorite things at Christmas Time, and this is a little, personal, Christmas card to my loyal followers. I am so grateful for you! My art continues to blossom and go out to bless others I believe. More workshops are scheduled (see below) and I will continue to offer what people are eager to garner from my own journey, with gratitude for the opportunity to do so.

home altar, both Zen and Christian, with Classic books

One of my home Altars reflects my love of Zen and Christianity with my books and crystals.

I’m narrowing down my books to the essentials. John O’Donohue is here. Thomas Merton, Tolstoy, Yeats, Thoreau – some of the writers I have cut my teeth on and now share through my teachings in many different ways. Besides my icons, the candle is also historical from my daughter’s wonderful business, soon to be revamped bigger and better than ever before.

christmas tree decorated with woodland creatures and light

Christmas Tree Decorated by My Youngest Grandaughter

I almost didn’t put up a tree this year because of all the art projects I am working on every day. But when my little granddaughter came over, I knew it was the most perfect year to put up a tree, as she could do the decorating. All woodland creatures. And we both loved it!

poinsettia with christmas ornaments and candles

Poinsettia Christmas Gift

And a total surprise, from my son-in-law, delivered to my door! Huge poinsettia. My grandaughter also placed the Christmas ornaments. Candles are from my daughter’s business, business of which is most unhappy this year, but such a blessing to have some part of it in my home even today. Everything has a memory, doesn’t it, when a life is well-lived, as mine is coming to be…

Platte river december day walk

Platte River in December for Christmas

And just today, I happily enjoyed the quiet peace of a walk along this River, typical sunny day in Denver…

Baba and Baby

Baba and Baby t about a year ago

One last – my favorite. 🙂

These are personal images to share with you some of the very many blessings of this season in my life. Thank you for being in my life and letting me share both my art and some of my living!

two workshops upcoming  – you are invited

January 12, 2020

Circle of Caring Cancer Support Group at Littleton United Methodist Church – 12:00 – 2:00 p.m.

Address5894 S Datura St, Littleton, CO 80120 Phone(303) 794-6379

Know You Are Loved – Find Your Heart and Soul in Beholding

Peace. Hope. Calm. Connection. You can find these in Beholding. Deepen your ability to Find Your Heart and Soul by opening your heart to truly seeing all that is before you, right here and now. See, by exploring how every moment, from the mundane to the profound, is special if you bring intention and attention. When you open your heart, you will find you are not so much “holding” an object, but being “held” by another.

Marilyn will bring examples of her sumi e abstract work along with brushes and ink so you actually feel that flow, then will lead you to “beholding” in the ordinary and in art works within the church with your journal and pen.

January 25, 2020

Foothills Art Center – 10:00 – 4:00

Upcoming Workshop:”Cups & Saucers – Ink and Joy” – New Year – Fresh Start

Foothills Art  809 Fifteenth Street, Golden CO 80401

This workshop goes into greater depth of awareness of heart and soul work instead of head work, beholding and “being held” plus builds with haiku writing and illustration on one’s own haiku…

paintings still on display through end of december 2019

Mayu Meditation Sanctuary  1804 S. Pearl Street, Denver, CO 80210

These are six of my abstract sumi e! More coming up!




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