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My Sort of Heart Abstract Sumi e

My sort of heart is one that goes pretty deep. Sometimes it may seem others do not understand these abstract sumi e paintings.

Abstract sumi e to illustrate an Indian Love Poem

“My Sort of Heart” by Marilyn Wells. 14 x 18 on mulberry paper. $385

“Because time is endless
and our planet vast,
I [paint these sumi e] for a person
who will one day be born
with my sort of heart.”

-Paraphrased from Poems of Ancient India Tr by Andrew Schelling 1828S

Just as the above quotation was about writing these poems for a person somewhere who will be born one day and understand them, so my painting is like that.

Nowadays we read Rumi, who lived in the 13th century. We seem to understand him better now than at many ages in between then and now. So it will be with these paintings.

abstract sumi e – non dual thinking

I paint my abstract sumi e from my heart and soul, not from my linear head way of being. And it’s a non dualistic vision of unity of us and the world, of us together as one people. This is what I understand and what I paint.

With the help or each other and of angels, we are moving upwards into greater unity and consciousness. We will find our way through these times to better times.

Because we are One People of One World in One God, we are co-arising and living together. We are all in this together.

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Also, please tell me if you love this painting. Many people seem to find it a favorite. 🙂


  1. Renee Borchelt says:

    Marilyn, I just saw this painting in the 5280 magazine. I love it! Is it available in a local gallery?
    Renee Borchelt

    • marilyn wells says:

      This painting is available in my online store, Or contact me via my website for further information. Thanks for your interest!

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