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Abstract Sumi e Painting – Life Too Sacred

A sumi e abstract painting of the poem by Hafiz that Life is Far Too Precious, too Sacred to ever end…

abstract sumi e Life Too Sacred to Ever End

“Life Too Sacred to Ever End” by Marilyn Wells

“Indeed God has written a thousand promises
All over your heart
that say, ‘Life Life Life
Is far too precious
to ever end.’”
-Hafiz 1845S

Life Is, Is, Is that precious! Silence helps us perceive the richness, the complexity, and the simplicity of all that. And leaves us stunned in awe.

Let us live each day from this sense of presence – instead of being caught in the vitriol and diatribe of the current days and ways.

abstract sumi e painting – life too precious -the uncreated spark in our soul

Meister Eckhart taught “Nothing can change your original goodness. Whatever mistakes we have made in the past, whatever problems we may have in the present, in every one of us an “uncreated spark in the soul” remains untouched, ever pure, ever perfect. Even if we try with all our might to douse or hide it, it is always ready to set our personality ablaze with light.”

You might call this spark our soul. I place my hope and faith in the light beyond my comprehension, the point of my origination, and my end destiny, perhaps for lifetimes (we don’t know that part definitively, but this often feels true), which sense has been present my entire life. And this eternal spark is and will be – Consciousness.

I read a quote from Osho this morning that says this another way. “One, I live as if today was my last day on earth. Two, I live today as if I am going to live forever.”

We will find our way through these times to better times. With the help or each other and of angels, we are moving upwards into greater unity and consciousness.

We are One People of One World in One God. We are all in this together, co-arising, living together.

Check out my other blog posts on abstract sumi e to see more of my paintings from heart and soul wherein I release the ch’i or life energy of my understanding of meaningful quotes or a piece of insightful poetry. And follow me on Instagram to also see my ceramics decorated in sumi brushwork and Zen motifs. 🙂

a 2nd version of this poem

abstract sumi e painting from Hafiz pooem

“Life Too Precious” by Marilyn Wells

 This painting is in the private collection of Ms. Rita King. It was the earliest version of the Hafiz poem that “Life is Far Too Precious”.

Happily hanging in a grand entry way to her home. Contact me for private showings and viewing of any paintings on my website and many more not shown there. 🙂


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