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Abstract Sumi e – The Grand Immensity of Life

Abstract sumi e – The Grand Immensity of Life. I painted the ch’i of a poem by Rumi in abstract sumi-e. We experience the grand immensity of life fully when we face death and total annihilation.

Abstract Sumi e and The Immensity of Life

“Some Grand Immensity” by Marilyn Wells, 14″ x 18″ on mulberry paper – $385

“Some Grand Immensity”

I placed one foot on the wide plain

of death, and some grand immensity

Sounded on the emptiness.


I have felt nothing ever

  like the wild wonder of that moment.

  – Rumi “The Wide Plain of Death” 1848S

Ordinarily we are busy, busy, busy, getting and spending, filling our lives with minutiae. For some of us, covid has been the call that Life is an Emergency. Live life here, today, this moment, fully be present, one moment to the next. Then your life comes vividly alive. No moment comes again. Wake up! Come Alive now. It’s not waiting over there on the shelf. Be the best you can be this moment and every moment, with no comparison to another. Right where you are, right where you stand. Then do it again. Better yet, forget yourself, just give yourself to that!

a very special appreciation to 5280magazine for including me in the 2020 Holiday, Nov/Dec issue

Denver’s top City magazine, 5280, @5280magazine, is featuring Marilyn Wells’s abstract sumi e in their Holiday Dec/Jan issue end piece.
What a happy news story, anytime, especially in this time of Covid, when so many of us artists have been shut down from sharing and showing our art. I was pleased to be interviewed by @ChristineDeOrio, Associate Editor, and @danapsmith, Art Director, who is working with my images for the feature. Special thanks to each of them and to Editor Michelle Johnson! Michelle is found here. @

Besides abstract sumi e – The Grand Immensity of Life, you can always find out more abstract sumi e on my Blog,, like this post one a couple weeks ago.

Also a shout out to Kathy Beekman, who did an article about me and my abstract sumi e in her last email as well. I am proud to have spent time with Kathy in her practice, not only as an artist, who does beautiful pastel work, but as a professional art coach! thanks, Kathy!

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