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Abstract Sumi e in 5280

Abstract sumi e, 5280 and Marilyn Wells. Denver’s top City magazine, 5280, featured Marilyn in this Holiday Dec/Jan 2020/2021 issue – end piece called “Lights Out”.

5280 Magazine Feature Marilyn Wells

Sumi e by Marilyn Wells Feature in 5280 Dec/Jan 2020

5280 Magazine Feature Marilyn Wells

Sumi e by Marilyn Wells Feature in 5280 Dec/Jan 2020

See article, Bold Strokes.

See @ChristineDeOrioAssociate Editor, @danapsmith, Art Director, and Editor Michelle Johnson. Michelle @  Dana found and selected the image from my blog,  Thank you all! And thank you, dear reader, for being supportive to me and my work. It gives me so much encouragement to continue with this work, for what it may do for you and the world in some small way. 🙂

“Because time is endless

and our planet vast,

I [paint these sumi e] for a person

who will one day be born

with my sort of heart.”

-Paraphrased from Poems of Ancient India Tr by Andrew Schelling 1828S

Just as the above quotation was about writing these poems for a person somewhere who will be born one day and understand them, so my painting is like that.

I paint my abstract sumi e from my heart and soul, not from my linear head way of being. And it’s a non dualistic vision of unity of us and the world, of us together as one people. This is what I understand and what I paint.

abstract sumi e by Marilyn Wells

“A Pallid Ember” by Marilyn Wells 14” x 18” $385. Also available as a print.

The moon like a pallid ember began to go out in the banks of fog…
– Antoine de Saint Exupéry “ Wind, Sand & Stars” 1855S

marilynwellsartstudio online store open now

I’m still tweaking my store. More news soon. It features sumi e prints, originals, as well as my original line drawings of Woman as Art and both prints and originals of my figurative paintings. But it is open for your viewing. How you like it?

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